Celebrity Video Podcast Series

Join the Greater Boston PCC for our “Celebrity Video Podcast Series” where we chat with a local personality and discuss how they utilize the United States Postal Service.  George Kippenhan, USPS Manager Consumer & Industry Contact, will be the host for this event.

Join us on Thursday, June 3rd at 10:00 am where our guest will be Jerry Thornton, writer, radio host, and comedian. 

June 3, 2021 – 10:00 am

via Zoom

This Webinar is free to attend

Guest - Jerry Thornton

A Look Back, A Path Forward: A Mailing Community Event

11 May 2021

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Celebrity Video Podcast Series

Join the Greater Boston PCC for our “Celebrity Video Podcast Series” where we chat with a local personality and discuss how they utilize the United States Postal Service.  George Kippenhan, USPS Manager Consumer & Industry Contact, will be the host for this event.

Join us on Thursday, May 6th at 11:00 am where our guest will be Kerry O'Malley, theatre, film & television actress and singer. 

May 6, 2021 – 11:00 am

via Zoom

This Webinar is free to attend


Guest - Kerry O'Malley

Celebrity Video Podcast Series

Join the Greater Boston PCC for our “Celebrity Video Podcast Series” where we chat with a local personality and discuss how they utilize the United States Postal Service.  George Kippenhan, USPS Manager Consumer & Industry Contact, will be the host for this event.

Join us on Thursday, April 1st at 10:00 am where our guest will be Matty Blake, host, actor, writer, adventurer and investigator

April 1, 2021 – 10:00 am

via Zoom

This Webinar is free to attend

Guest - Matty Blake

Celebrity Video Podcast Series

Join the Greater Boston PCC for our “Celebrity Video Podcast Series” where we chat with a local personality and discuss how they utilize the United States Postal Service.  George Kippenhan, USPS Manager Consumer & Industry Contact, will be the host for this event.

Join us on Tuesday, March 9th at 10:00 am where our guest will be Nick Stevens, local Host and Comedian. 

March 9, 2021 – 10:00 am

via Zoom

This Webinar is free to attend

Greater Boston & Providence

Postal Customer Councils

invite you to get inspired with Award-Winning Author

Les Standiford

February 24, 2021 – 1:00 pm

via Zoom

This Webinar is free to attend

Speaker:  Author, Les Standiford

Recipient - Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Award and Frank O’Connor Award for Short Fiction

Fellowships - National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities

Founding Director - Creative Writing Workshop - Florida International University

Holder of the Peter Meinke Chair in Creative Writing at Eckerd College

Nominee - Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award

Author of 24 books including:

Critically acclaimed The John Deal Mystery Series Black Mountain

Spill (adapted into a feature film)

History Channel Top Ten Pick - Last Train to Paradise: Henry Flagler and the Spectacular Rise and Fall of the Railroad that Crossed an Ocean

New York Times Bestseller and #1 Wall Street Journal True-Crime Bestseller - Bringing Adam Home: The Abduction that Changed America



10/28/2020 11:00 AM Start

Mail Center Security in the Current COVID Environment

The Postal Customer Council of Greater Boston invites you to this webinar which will review the importance of mail center security, the prevalence of mail-borne threats, new types mail-borne threats, and how to implement robust procedures, processes and technologies to keep your organizations safe.  The presentation sponsored by RaySecur also introduces the concept of the  5- Pillars of mail center security, based on U.S. Department of Homeland Security Guidelines, which helps organizations develop and implement enterprise-wide mail security processes, thereby preventing mail-threats from disrupting business operations.  The impacts of COVID-19 on mail center operations and recommendations and best-practices for resuming operations will also be discussed.

This Webinar is free to attend

Presenter:  Cody Martin, Mail Security Director, RaySecur

Cody Martin had over 12 years of experience as a Federal Agent with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, including serving in the Dangerous Mail Unit, and several additional years as a mail security consultant to a broad range of organizations and industries. He has worked on mail security for a Super Bowl, with the Secret Service for President George W. Bush in retirement, and has directly responded to and investigated hundreds of mail-borne threats.



Get Connected and Grow!

Date and Time:  Tuesday, September 22, 2020.  The main event will begin at 2:00 p.m. ET


  • 1:45 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.:
  • PCC photos will be displayed on a running loop leading up to the beginning of the show
  • 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.: 
  • Welcome – Get Connected and Grow  Your PCC to New Heights
  • Mail’s Role in the Future of Marketing
  • The Magic of Disney – Guest Speaker, Doug Lipp
  • Growing Forward:   The Future of the Postal Customer Council
  • Celebrating Excellence
  • Thank You – Connect, Grow, and  Step into the Future!
  • 3:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.:  Break
  • 3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.:  Optional concurrently conducted Educational Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions:

  • Five Benefits to Belonging to the PCC:  Judy Antisdal, PCCAC National Industry Vice-Chair, and Mark Fallon, PCCAC Member-at-Large
  • Election and Political Mail:  Dan Bentley, USPS Principal Product Management Specialist, and Don Nichols, National Lead, Political & Mailing Services
  • Innovation (Informed delivery):  Bob Dixon Jr, USPS Director, Product Technology and Innovation  
  • Informed Visibility/Data Metrics:  Steve Dearing, USPS Director, Corporate Reporting
  • Shipping Strategy – Products and Services:  Markes Lucius, USPS Director, Product Management, Shipping
  • Small Business Initiatives:  Mary Anderson, USPS Director, Small Business Engagement, and Vicki Stephen, USPS Lead Executive, Small Business Strategy
  • Mail Repositioning:  Elke Reuning-Elliott, USPS Director, Product Management, Mailing

Upcoming PCC Networking Event for 2020



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Jim Burns
Industry Person of the Year for 2019

The Greater Boston PCC is proud to announce Jim Burns as our Industry Person of the Year for 2019. 

Jim has been an active member of the Greater Boston PCC Executive Board for many years and currently serves as Treasurer.  Jim is the Operations Manager at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston overseeing Receiving & Mail Services.   He has over 28 years of mailing experience with 23 years in the Healthcare field and 5 years in outsourcing.  He holds industry certifications of EMCM, CMDSM, MDC, and MDP and he’s been a speaker at Greater Boston PCC events, at other PCC’s around the country and annually at the National Postal Forum (since 2007).  Additionally, he has presented at the following conference: MAILCOM, The Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), The National Association of College and University Mail Services (NACUMS), and The Association of College & University Mail Services (ACUMS).

Jim is a strong supporter of the educational commitment that the PCC has to the industry and to our membership.  He has participated in most of our PCC events, and often brings his whole team from Mass General Hospital.    

Jim’s passion is mentoring and developing managers in the industry at the local and national level.  He is always willing to share his operational experiences or discuss industry mail certifications.  Jim’s dedication and the efforts he puts in to the  Greater Boston PCC is a large part of our continued success.   

On behalf of the Greater Boston PCC, we would like to thank Jim for all he does!  It is our honor to have him as our Industry Person of the Year.

Special thanks to our

Sponsors & Panelists

who participated in National PCC Day 2019 at Plainridge Park

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Speaker Panelists:


Upcoming PCC Networking Event for 2019


The HQ National PCC Program Office is excited to announce the 2019 Northeast Area PCC Boot Camp

PCC Honors Our Veterans

On December 3rd, members of the PCC Board joined the USPS and Congressman Joe      Kennedy III in a “Salute to Veterans”.

The event, which took place at the Boston VA Hospital in West Roxbury, included the unveiling of a World War I stamp and an address by Congressman Kennedy.  Hand-made  pens, crafted by Boston PCC Board member Al Silverstein were distributed to the veterans, along with note cards and envelopes. 

In what has become an annual event for the Greater Boston PCC, this is our way of expressing our gratitude for the service of our veterans.  A memorable event for all involved.

Pictured Top: PCC Industry Co-Chair Mike Shields, David Hencke VA, PCC Board Member Al Silverstein, Postmaster Nick Francescucci, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, Melissa Conway VA and Jim Holland, USPS Marketing Manager.

Pictured Right: PCC Industry Co-Chair Mike Shields addressing the assembled crowd of veterans.

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

It was indeed a beautiful day in the neighborhood as PCC Executive Board Members Nick Francescucci, Postmaster of Boston and George Kippenhan, Manager of Consumer & Industry Contact dedicated the new Mister Rogers Stamp at WAAF Studios in Brighton on April 10. 

The dedication took place on the Matty & Nick Show (3-7pm on WAAF).  Hosts Matty Blake and Nick Stevens are pop culture experts who were honored to take part in a ceremony dedicated to one of their childhood idols: Mister Rogers.  

"He was such an instrumental part of our childhood, I am beyond flattered that we are a part of this special dedication," said Blake. 

After unveiling the new stamp live on 107.3 (as well as the "WAAF" and "Matty & Nick" social media pages), Postmaster Francescucci presented commemorative Mister Rogers plaques to Blake, Stevens and producer Stanley Bruno.

"As Mister Rogers famously stated, 'the greatest gift you give is your honest self', let me say what a delight it was to receive a USPS plaque as we honored one of America's most beloved teachers!" declared Stevens.

Steve Smith
Industry Person of the Year for 2018

Steve Smith has been chosen by The Greater Boston PCC as our Industry Person of the Year for 2018.  With an encyclopedic knowledge of the mailing industry, Steve is always willing to share his expertise as an educator or colleague.  His intelligence is matched by his kind nature, compassion and willingness to assist our PCC in any capacity. 

Steve has stepped up his involvement this past year and been instrumental in helping with the Greater Boston PCC Newsletter and Website, and has been involved in all of our educational events.  He keeps everyone advised of new industry developments & regulatory changes, good and bad.  Steve’s been a speaker at several Greater Boston PCC events, recruited vendor sponsorships and has reached out to folks to attend events.  He’s resourceful and has been a leader and a mentor to countless people in the mailing industry for decades.

From local PCC events to The Periodical Publications Association, The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers and the Mailers' Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), Steve finds a way to lend his expertise.  Whether you’re an industry veteran or newly hired supervisor, Steve is there to offer advice and support.  He generously shares what he knows with his colleagues.  The work, time, and effort that Steve puts in to the Greater Boston PCC is one of the reasons why we have such a great chapter and win awards!

On behalf of the Greater Boston PCC, thank you for all you do, Steve!  It is our honor to have you as our Industry Person of the Year!

Latest newsletter: GBPCC Newsletter Issue 20.pdf

Award Winning PCC in 2018

George Kippenhan Receives 

The Silver PCC Postal Member of the Year Award

Greater Boston PCC Receives 

Gold Award for Communication Program Excellence

Enterprise Payment System (EPS) Educational Event

Greater Boston Postal Customer Council Event

Special thanks to our


who participated in National PCC Day 2018 at Granite Links Golf Club


Lunch & Premier Sponsor:



Premier Sponsors:



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PCC Day 2018

Thursday - September 27th 2018

Granite Links Golf Club

Quincy MA


Keynote Speakers

Upcoming PCC Networking Event for 2018


Photo Highlight

Small Business Expo Event

Greater Boston PCC Executive Board Members (Steve Smith, Betsy Shortell and Jim Holland) attending the Small Business Expo on May 17th at the Hynes Convention Center

 l a y e r

USPS Middlesex-Essex Processing & Distribution Center Tour

On Wednesday, May 2nd, the Greater Boston Postal Customer Council held a Plant Tour of the USPS Middlesex-Essex Processing and Distribution Center.  The event was well attended with over 50 participants and included a presentation, tour and lunch.  Duane Lariviere, the Senior Plant Manager kicked things off by providing an overview of the operation and fielded questions from the audience.  USPS staff members brought groups on to the production floor to view the Flats Sequencing System (FSS) and other various pieces of equipment throughout the 120,000+ square foot facility.  It was a very insightful tour and we appreciate the USPS team at Middlesex-Essex for providing the opportunity to view their operation.

** May 2018 GBPCC Event **


Please join us for a tour of the Middlesex-Essex Processing & Distribution Center 


Wednesday May 2nd, 2018  


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Greater Boston PCC Honors Retiring Board Members

In December, at the Greater Boston PCC’s holiday meeting, Alice Gordon and Al Lacerda were formerly recognized as retired from the PCC Executive Board.
Alice and Al had a combined total of 40 plus years of service to the board, serving in varying capacities on the Executive Board.

They were recognized by those in attendance and the USPS provided wonderful large framed stamps that coincided with Al’s and Alice’s interests. The framed pieces included a message of gratitude from the PCC.

Alice was a longstanding member of the board serving in many different roles including Co-Chair.  She was also known as the designated proofer for all PCC copy that was sent out, and no one did it better!  A little known fact about Alice that was brought up was that she holds a spot in Postal trivia history.  When the government forced the Postal Service to give up its fledgling efforts in pioneering electronic commerce, Alice’s firm bought the E-COM system from them.

Alice has also joined the ranks of Executive Board Members granted Emeritus status.

Al Lacerda joined the Board in 2001.  Over his years of service Al served on the newsletter committee was and known as the provider of the Postal facts and trivia that appeared in the PCC newsletter.  He could always be counted on to keep the board up to date on the latest in hot rod and souped up car news.

All present provided a rousing standing ovation, and the board wished them well in their future endeavors.  

Read more: GBPCC Newsletter Issue 18.pdf


Boston PCC Honors Veterans

On December 7 Nick Francescucci, Jim Holland, Mike Shields and Al Silverstein visited the Veterans Hospital in West Roxbury. We were invited by David Hencke of the VA.

Opening  remarks were delivered by Karen Acerra-Williams, Deputy Director, VA Boston Healthcare.

Nick then spoke about the connection between the high percentage of veterans who work for the USPS in the Greater Boston area and our responsibility to recognize their service and sacrifice.

Most Importantly, 35 veterans  received handmade pens crafted by PCC Board member Al Silverstein, along with cards, message pads and, of course, postage stamps. Thankfully and gratefully, 5 WW2 Veterans were present and were also honored, with the longest and loudest ovation on the 73rd anniversary of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.


November PCC Event a Huge Success!

On Wednesday, November 15th, the Greater Boston Postal Customer Council held a very special 3-part event at American Legion Post 440 in Newton, MA.  With over 40 attendees, it was one of the most successful events of the year.

Adam Lewenberg, Postal Advocate Inc, opened the program by discussing new postage rates going into effect in January 2018.  He informed the audience on the best way to prepare for the changes and offered insight into how these changes will impact mailing operations.

The second presentation was on International Mail changes taking effect in 2018.  Steve Smith, Base 60 Consulting and Merry Law, WorldVU LLC, provided information on how International Mail will be defined as "Goods" or "Documents" starting in January 2018. 

Finally, Jim Holland, Marketing Manager, Greater Boston District USPS, unveiled the 2017 Flag stamp with David Hencke, of the VA Hospital.  Mr. Hencke was also presented with kits and pens made by Al Silverstein, PCC Board Member.  These kits and pens were distributed to the patients at the VA Hospital. 

The event was sponsored by Creel Printing, Boston University, R.R. Donnelly Logistics Solutions and The Berkshire Company. 

Read more:  GBPCC Newsletter Issue 17.pdf

Greater Boston PCC Honors Board Members

The Greater Boston PCC recently recognized Al Silverstein (Former Industry Co-Chair) and Jack Shea for their years of service to the Board and the mailing community of Greater Boston.  They were both celebrated at a special breakfast meeting in their honor.  Combined, they have over 50 years of tenure on the Board as well as helping mailers throughout the area.


   (Jack Shea with Postmaster Nick Francescucci and Adam Lewenberg)         (Al Silverstein with Postmaster Nick Francescucci, and Adam Lewenberg)


2018 Postage Rates & International Mail Changes Flag Stamp Unveiling

Join the Greater Boston PCC for a special 3-part event!

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

Northeast Area: Areas Inspiring Mail 

MEETING - 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

USPS Speaker line up:

Ed Phelan, NEA Vice President Operations

Robert Dixon, Director Product Technology USPS HQ

  • Come hear the latest news within mailing industry – Current Status
  • Learn about what 88% of customers are saying about, Informed Delivery
  • Learn how to see what’s in your mail box, from the convenience of your desk top or phone
  • Learn how to take advantage of centralizing a full digital reflection of the physical movement of your mail and packages in real time.

Join us and leave your mark on the mailing industry!

                To register please email:


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who participating in 

National PCC Day 2017 

at Gillette Stadium:


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W.B. Mason

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AAA Northeast

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Cathedral Corporation

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MSMA New England Chapter

National Postal Forum

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New England Journal of Medicine

Postal Advocate

Providence PCC

Sherman Printing

United States Postal Service

PCC Day 2017

Monday - September 25th 2017

Gillette Stadium

Event Agenda: PCC Day 2017 Agenda.pdf


Keynote Speakers






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Patriots Signed Memorabilia

Various Gifts donated by each PCC 

  Kristin Seaver

Chief Information Officer and      Executive Vice President

Leads the Postal Services's efforts to drive innovation across enterprise analytics, business insights, mail intelligence, engineering systems, information security and infrastructure and payment technology.
  Kimberly Janson

President and CEO of              Janson Associates

An internationally known talent and organizational development expert, author and executive coach
 with over 20 years working in more than 40 countries.
  Gil Santos

Voice of the Patriots for                   36 Seasons

Longtime radio play-by-play announcer for the New England Patriots and morning sports reporter for WBZ radio. Patriots Hall of Fame inductee in 2013.

Please join the 

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as we present 

"Mail Through the Millennia"


June 22, 2017

4:30 PM to 7:00 PM 



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Commander's Mansion     in Watertown MA

District Manager Mike Powers Retires

On Thursday, June 22, 2017 at the Charlestown Knights of Columbus Hall, Mike Powers, stood in front of family, friends and colleagues and said goodbye to his beloved Greater Boston District after 37 years with the Postal Service. 

When Mike began his career with the USPS as a clerk in the fall of 1980, he had no idea what the future held for him. Rising through the ranks as a supervisor, superintendent and manager, Mike excelled at both the Mail Processing and Delivery & Customer Service sides of the business.

Mike’s early years in management were largely connected to the Boston Post Office. Among the positions he held were Manager, Customer Services, Executive Postmaster for the Boston Post Office , Senior Manager, Distribution Operations and Manager, Distribution Operations.  These assignments were followed by promotions to the District Manager positions for the Massachusetts and Southeast New England District.  Since April 2014, Mike Powers held the position of District Manager for the Greater Boston District. 

Read more: GBPCC Newsletter Issue 15.pdf

    Upcoming PCC Networking Event for 2017


                                   Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Logo

The 25th annual Letter Carriers’ 
Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive 
—Saturday, May 13, 2017—

Six Decades of Public Service Honored!

Pictured—Anthony Rauseo Jr. with District Manager Mike Powers

After a government career spanning more than six decades, Anthony Rauseo Jr. received a heart-warming send off from his coworkers at the Woburn Detached Mail Unit. District Manager Mike Powers, Boston Postmaster Nick Francescucci, Operations Manager Barry Begley and a host of District employees were on hand to join the celebration.

District Manager Powers noted, as he presented an award to Tony that “When you think of it, this is like working two careers.” Mike recalled a ceremony 10 years ago when he presented Tony with his 50-year pin and thanked Tony again for his years of service and his commitment to his craft.

Read more: GBPCC Newsletter Issue 14.pdf

First Event of 2017

The GBPCC was in attendance as the Boston Celtics beat the Charlotte Hornets 108-98

PCC Closes Out 2016 In Style!

On Wednesday, December 15, 2016, The Greater Boston PCC had their year-end event at American Legion Post 440 in Newton. To open the event, Mark Fallon gave a presentation on the new postage rates going into effect in January 2017.  Mark explained how organizations should prepare for the change, and how mailers can take advantage of the new weight allowances. 

Next, Nicolas Francescucci, the Postmaster of Boston, led the unveiling of the 2016 Military Service Cross stamps. Joining Nick was Mike Powers, USPS District Manager; Francisco A. Ureña, Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Services of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Dan Clark, retired State Trooper and Marine veteran; and Adam Lewenberg, PCC Co-Chair (pictured left)

After the unveiling, the PCC presented Secretary Ureña a special gift to honor and assist local veterans in the Commonwealth. The PCC donated custom sets of note cards, Military Service Cross stamps and pens for veterans. The pens were hand-turned, wooden barrel writing instruments crafted by our own Al Silverstein. Thanks Al! 

Our special guest, Dan Clark (pictured right), is also known as "The Singing Trooper". Dan performed a special rendition of the National Anthem, other patriotic songs and Christmas carols. It was a fantastic way to close out a great event – and an exciting 2016!

Read more: GBPCC Newsletter Issue 13.pdf

Nick Francescucci Sworn in as Postmaster

On September 16, 2016, Nicolas R. Francescucci stood in front of 200 guests (including governments officials, colleagues, friends and family) in the flag room of the State House, placed his hand on the Bible (held by his wife Theresa) and took the traditional oath, administered by Mike Powers, District Manager (pictured). With this, Francescucci was officially sworn in and became the 53rd Postmaster of Boston, Massachusetts.

As Postmaster of Boston, Francescucci will oversee 100+ stations, branches, retail units and carrier annexes encompassing zip codes 021, 022 and 024 (with the exception of Cambridge). This includes over two million customers and approximately 708,000 delivery points. He will manage over 4000 employees.

Postmaster Francescucci’s installation was emceed by Michael Haggerty, former Postal Executive.  Guest Speakers included:  Daniel J. Ryan, Massachusetts State Representative, 2nd Suffolk District, Chief John Barros, Chief of Economic Development under Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Michael Rakes, Senior Plant Manager, Greater Boston District. The National Anthem and God Bless America were sung by Michelle Kippenhan, wife of George Kippenhan, Manager of Consumer & Industry Contact, while the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by their daughter Mary. Frederick White, Korean War Veteran and Retired USPS Supervisor delivered the Invocation. Mike Powers, District Manager, shared stories of Nick’s leadership and his dedication to the Postal Service and their customers before swearing in the new Postmaster.

Jack-o'-lanterns Stamp Unveiling & Student Educational Event

Highlands School, Braintree MA

Betsy Shortell Receives 

The Silver Industry Person of the Year Award

At the 2016 National Postal Customer Council Awards in Washington DC, Betsy Shortell, of the Greater Boston PCC, received the Silver Industry Person of the Year Award.

Betsy, Manager of Harvard University Mail and Distribution Services (HUMDS), has been a Greater Boston PCC Executive Board Member for 6 successful years, serving as the Industry Co-Chair for 2 years, helping lead Greater Boston to Platinum and Gold Level Awards on National PCC Day. During her tenure as co-chair, Betsy led the Executive Board in developing creative and innovative ideas, programs and seminars.  These seminars included presentations about Mail Fraud, the Power of Networking and Industry Certifications to name a few.

Read more: GBPCC Newsletter Issue 12.pdf

2016 National PCC Leadership Award

PCC Partner of the Year

Central MA PCC, Greater Boston PCC, Southeastern MA PCC,        Western MA PCC, New Hampshire PCC and Providence PCC

Invitation to Attend

Click the images for registration link


Social Media for Print and Mail Professionals

By using the power of the Internet, you can successfully network with other people - regardless of title, profession or background.  In this webinar, you'll learn how to build and maintain your business and personal networks to improve your chances of success in today's competitive marketplace. We'll discuss methods for online networking, including social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Participants will learn to:

  • Leverage social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Build professional and personal networks
  • What “Not To Do” when you’re online

Join us on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at noon from the computer of your choice.

Participation is limited to the first 50 attendees, so register today!

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The Allied Group

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WINN Solutions


Corporate Sponsors  

AAA Northeast

Direct Associates

New Balance Athletics

Sungard Availability Services

The Berkshire Company 



Cathedral Corporation

Colonial Printing

Harvard University

MSMA New England Chapter

National Postal Forum

New Balance Athletics

New England Journal of Medicine

Postal Customer Council of Providence

Sherman Printing 

United States Postal Service

    Upcoming PCC Networking Event for 2017 Get Your Tickets Now!


2017 Postage Rates & Military Service Cross Stamp Unveiling

Join the Greater Boston PCC for a special 3-part event!

Thursday, December 15th 2016


To open the event, Mark Fallon will discuss the new postage rates going into effect in January 2017.  Learn how to prepare for the changes and gain insights into how they will impact your operations.

The second part of the program will be an unveiling of the 2016 Military Service Cross stamps.  Join Nicolas Francescucci, the Postmaster of Boston, as he presents the stamp dedication.

The final part of the event will be a special presentation to honor and assist local veterans in the Commonwealth.  


Special guest, Dan Clark "The Singing Trooper" will be on hand to perform during the event.

Door prizes will be given away and lunch is included in the registration cost.

Date: December 15th 2016

Time: Registration at 9:30 AM Event begins at 10:00 AM

Location: American Legion Post 440 Newton MA 

Cost: $20 GBPCC Member Rate - Corporate & Premiere

$25 General Rate 

Event contributors whose support is greatly appreciated:


PCC Day 2016

Friday, September 23rd - Gillette Stadium    

Event Agenda: PCC Day 2016 Agenda.pdf


Keynote Speakers






PCC Day 2016 Raffle Prizes

                     2017 NPF Complimentary Registration (2 Each)
                     Free Pair New Balance Shoes (Online Order Coupon)
                      $100 Gift Certificate Patriots Pro Shop
                      $100 Gift Certificate Bass Pro Shop
                     Various Gift Baskets donated by each PCC 
      Ronald A. Stroman

         Deputy PMG and Chief    
    Government Relations Officer

  20th Deputy Postmaster General and second-highest ranking postal executive
      Dr. Sean Joyce

       Omega Consultants

   Motivational speaker who has
 traveled the world working with
     multinational organizations
     Steve Grogan

   Former NE Patriots QB

 16 year career with the New England Patriots and member   of the Patriots Hall of Fame



Early Bird Raffle Winner - Attendee

Two Patriots Tickets

Jerry Caracciolo

Roger Williams University


Sponsored by: MSMA New England





Early Bird Raffle Winner

Gillette Stadium Tour

John Joyce

Boston College




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Two Patriots Tickets

Steven Parker

Cox Communications


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Working Together For Others

On Saturday, March 19, PCC Board Member Mark Fallon and The Berkshire Company sponsored the National Postal Forum - Habitat for Humanity event.  A wonderful group of NPF attendees, USPS employees and local community members worked together to help build the dream of owning a home to a deserving family.  22 people from 9 states spent their Saturday priming, painting, caulking, hanging doors and installing trim.

This is another example of the mailing industry and the USPS working together and giving back to the community.  Thank you to all of the volunteers for all of your hard work – and all of your smiles – to help make the day such a success. 


Mail Technology Awards

The U.S. Postal Service recognized Harvard University and New Balance with its Mail Technology Award for their companies’ support of the success of mail and their commitment to a successful business relationship with the Postal Service.  Awards were presented at the 2016 National Postal Forum in Nashville, TN.

L-R: Mike Powers (USPS Greater Boston) , John Nolan (Harvard), Megan Brennan (USPS PMG), Betsy Shortell (Harvard), Pete Shepherd (WITS), Rick Uliski (USPS NEA VP)

   L-R: Mike Powers (USPS Greater Boston) , Megan Brennan (USPS PMG), Genevieve Sandoli (New Balance), Joe Caniglia (New Balance), Rick Uliski (USPS NEA VP)

Boston Hockey Teams Up for Mary

Many of you may know George Kippenhan as a Postal Customer Council Executive Board Member.  Others know him as the Manager of Consumer and Industry Contact for the United States Postal Service who is quick to respond to any of your issues or questions with a resolution in a timely manner.  What you may not know is that he spends most nights and weekends with his 11 year old daughter Mary, in the most unimaginable environment for a girl who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 2…an ice hockey rink.

Three years ago after watching a Boston Bruins game, Mary told her father that she wanted to learn how to ice skate.  George and his wife Michelle heard that a “Learn to Skate” event was being held in the Kippenhan’s hometown of Rockland.  Mary’s diagnosis and low muscle tone essentially made even learning to walk a huge challenge.  So although hesitant, George and Michelle borrowed some hand-me-down skates, pads and helmets and watched Mary fall on the ice for the first ten minutes.  George states, “She was wiping out, but with a big smile on her face.” 

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PCC Night at the Boston Celtics

The sold-out PCC Networking night at the Celts was a fun night!  On February 3rd,  the Greater Boston PCC enjoyed a full evening that featured a delicious pre game meal and networking at The Harp, a guided private tour of the New England  Sports Museum and an escort to our seats to watch the Celtics earn a 102-95 victory over the Detroit Pistons.  Isaiah Thomas led all scorers with 17 points.  PCC Members from as far away as CT came to the event and all had a memorable evening.

    Upcoming PCC Networking Event for 2016



USPS just announced that postage will be coming down on Sunday, April 10, 2016, as the 4.3 percent exigent surcharge is removed and rates are returned to the Consumer Price Index-capped levels.

 Thanks to everyone who attended the Power of Networking session! 

 Thanks to everyone who attended the 
             Boston Celtics 
       GBPCC networking event!


Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

George Kippenhan, PCC Executive Board Member and USPS Manager of Consumer & Industry Contact, has been visiting elementary schools in the Greater Boston District with his original presentation entitled the “Power of Mail”.  Kippenhan shows the students how important it is to simply put a pen to paper and write a letter to those who you care about.  At the end of each presentation, the new Charlie Brown Christmas Stamps are unveiled much to the delight of the children (and teachers) in attendance. 

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Betsy Shortell honored as outgoing PCC Co-Chair:


The Greater Boston PCC would like to thank Betsy Shortell for the amazing work she did as Industry Co-Chair.  Here are some of her greatest accomplishments over the past 2 years:

· Helped organize two very well-attended National PCC Day events at Gillette Stadium and at the New England Journal of  Medicine.

· Oversaw numerous educational and networking events.

· Provided a framework for education and support.

· Led the Greater Boston PCC Board to further its mission.

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First Price Increase In Three Years for Commercial Priority Mail Scheduled for January 2016

• No Increase in Forever Stamp Prices or Other Mailing Product Prices
• No Increase in Shipping Prices Until After the Holiday Season

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WASHINGTON — Today the United States Postal Service filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of proposed price changes for its Shipping Services products to take effect next year, following the conclusion of the holiday season. The filing does not include any price increase for First-Class Mail or any other Postal Service Mailing product such as the Forever stamp.  

The Postal Service continues to provide excellent value and reliability for the shipping industry along with convenient choices for consumers. The average Shipping Services price change is 9.5 percent which results in an average shipping price of less than $5.50 per shipment across all shipping products.

The new prices, if approved, represent the first price increase in more than three years for commercial Priority Mail.  The average price increase for Priority Mail is 9.8 percent; when calculated over the three-year period since the last increase, the overall Priority Mail price change averages less than 3.3 percent per year. 


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Meet the New Senior Plant Manager of the

Greater Boston District:

Michael Rakes

Rick Uluski, USPS Northeast Area Vice President has announced the selection of Michael W. Rakes as the new Senior Plant Manager for the Greater Boston District.  Mike prides himself on being one of the more customer-centric Plant Managers in the Nation.

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USPS Unveils Special Olympic Stamp

The United States Postal Service (USPS), in celebration of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, the flagship event of the Special Olympics movement, unveiled a national commemorative stamp on Thursday, July 30, 7:30 pm, at The Company Theatre, in Norwell, MA. 

Mike Powers, USPS Greater Boston District Manager, was on hand to unveil the new stamp, and mark the occasion with The Company Theatre’s Artistic Directors and many Special Olympic athletes who have benefited from the theatre’s charitable generosity. 

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ZIP Codes Tamed The Postal Service Boom 52 Years Ago

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